• Étude sur la main-d’œuvre en production de cannabis d'AGRICarrières
  • Étude sur la main-d’œuvre en production de cannabis d'AGRICarrières
  • Étude sur la main-d’œuvre en production de cannabis d'AGRICarrières

AGRICarrières Cannabis Production Workforce StudyEconomy

Published 6 April 2023 by AQIC

For more than 25 years, AGRIcarrières, the sectoral committee for the agricultural production workforce, has contributed to the prosperity of the agricultural sector by implementing initiatives that support its development. Through its interventions, AGRIcarrières aims to enhance the value of jobs in the agricultural sector, promote the development of workforce skills and improve human resource management practices on farms.

In 2018, the legalization of recreational cannabis led to the creation of a new sector in agriculture in Quebec. In addition to transforming the Quebec economy, the emergence of this industry has generated a tremendous amount of interest from workers and has prompted many farmers to reorient their practices to make cannabis cultivation their primary activity. As the cannabis industry is still in its infancy, little data exists to fully understand the industry and anticipate its demands.

In this context, AGRIcarrières has mandated Groupe DDM to conduct a sub-sectoral study on the cannabis production workforce. More specifically, the study will serve to paint a portrait of the cannabis production industry, its jobs and its workforce, as well as to determine the issues and needs regarding their development. Ultimately, the study will enrich the knowledge on this new production and will provide tools on the actions to be implemented to overcome the challenges encountered.

To do this, the report is divided as follows. It begins with a presentation of the methodology used to meet the objectives of the study and then goes on to describe the industry and the workforce. It then presents the human resources management issues, particularly with respect to retention, recruitment and training of the workforce. The study concludes with suggestions for addressing the issues identified in the study. At the end of each section of the report, there is a box summarizing the
important elements.

Finally, AGRIcarrières would like to thank the companies and organizations that contributed to the data collection process, which allowed us to obtain an accurate picture of the industry thanks to their input. We would also like to acknowledge the collaboration of the Monitoring Committee who provided advice and insight into the sector throughout the development of the report.