Why Become a Member of the AQIC?

Association Québécoise de l'Industrie du Cannabis

Together for a prosperous, safe and sustainable cannabis industry in Quebec

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The 4 Missions of the AQIC

  • To be the official spokesperson of the Quebec cannabis industry ecosystem with government officials and socio-economic actors;
  • To contribute constructively and responsibly to the development of the industry;
  • To offer a space to discuss, network, exchange and collaborate for industry players;
  • Demystify and destigmatize cannabis for the general public and demonstrate the extent of its potential.


10 Reasons to Become AQIC Member: Your Benefits

  • Get access to an exceptional insurance offer and rates in Quebec, reserved for AQIC members;
  • Benefit from lobbying services with the governments of Quebec and Canada;
  • Have your voice heard on an official AQIC committee and set the direction for our industry;
  • Have access to unique information, sharing and purchasing tools for cannabis products in Canada through the secure members' area;
  • Benefit from better coordination with sectoral organizations, including the SQDC, the Cannabis Strategy Table and the National Cannabis Working Group;
  • Get the latest industry and market news;
  • Obtain privileged information on regulatory changes;
  • Increase your company's visibility through strategic communication and proactive media relations;
  • Take part in exclusive activities such as networking events and the annual golf tournament;
  • Gain privileged access to a network of industry decision makers and benefit from concierge services.

Some Important Accomplishment by the AQIC

  • Participating in the development and modification of the regulations governing cannabis in Canada as the voice of the industry;
  • Obtaining agreements with insurers;
  • Implementation of various measures with the SQDC, including the integration of category management, the publication of matrices and the "Cultivé Québec" label;
  • Recognition of the AQIC as the industry's spokesperson by the Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC);
  • Meeting with the ministers’ offices of the governments of Quebec and Canada;
  • Obtaining, from the government, the creation of a new federal government cannabis strategy table led by the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Economic Development to develop the legal cannabis sector in Canada;
  • Changes to the excise duty on cannabis products;
  • Creation of the first place for information, exchange and B2B purchases of cannabis products in Canada (the AQIC members' area);
  • Partnership with the McGill University Cannabis Research Centre to establish a CBD research fund.

Criteria for eligibility


Be regulated by the federal Cannabis Act or in the process of being regulated for a site located in Quebec or a supply agreement with the SQDC.

Association Québécoise de l'Industrie du Cannabis