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In the heart of Montreal, Quebec, nestled amidst the vibrant cannabis culture of Canada, Great White North Growers emerged as a beacon of innovation and quality in the cannabis industry. Founded by the dynamic duo of Peter Schissler and George Goulakos both with a passion for cannabis cultivation and a deep commitment to producing high-quality, safe, and sustainable products, they embarked on a remarkable adventure, this company has not only thrived as cultivators but has also successfully distributed more than 32 clients across six diverse markets.
As Quebec pioneers in the industry, Great White North was determined to make their mark not only as growers but also as distributors. Leveraging their deep industry connections, they expanded their reach and started distributing their products beyond the borders of Quebec.
Of course, the cannabis industry was not without its challenges. Regulatory changes, market fluctuations, and fierce competition tested the resilience of Great White North Growers. However, they proved to be adaptive leaders, consistently innovating to stay ahead of the curve.
With eyes set on the horizon, Great White North Growers continues to push the boundaries of cannabis cultivation and distribution, offering customers not just a product but an experience that reflects the rich history and culture of cannabis in Canada.