• ROSE ScienceVie fait son entrée sur le marché de l'Ontario
  • ROSE ScienceVie fait son entrée sur le marché de l'Ontario

ROSE ScienceVie enters the Ontario market Daily news

Published 10 June 2022 par AQIC

HUNTINGDON, QC, June 9, 2022 /CNW/ - ROSE LifeScience Inc. ("ROSE"), a major Québec cannabis producer, distributor, and marketer, announced a significant company milestone with the introduction of two brands and product lines to the Ontario market.

The launch of Tam Tams and Homage cannabis brands in Ontario marks the first time ROSE products will be available to consumers outside Québec.

"This is a big moment for us, but also for Québec as a leader in the cannabis space," said Davide Zaffino, ROSE President and CEO. "Our expansion shows an appetite for the consumer-focused brands and services that customers in our home province have come to rely on."

Already established in Québec as a premium brand, Tam Tams is inspired by the inclusive urban culture of Montréal. It brings Québec's reputation for quality, indoor-grown products to Ontariowith the popular Hybrid strain Godfather Kush.

Homage is a new brand representing products from a national collective of craft producers curated by ROSE. Its premier product is Blue Iguana, a Hybrid strain crafted by Lahoja in Beauce, Québec, and will also be available in Ontario.

Both Godfather Kush and Blue Iguana are now available in Ontario, both for wholesale purchases and for consumers.

"The Homage collective is an exciting model," said Zaffino. "It brings together Canada's best craft producers, so their products can reach consumers under one reliable brand. This kind of service and collaboration is a big part of our mission at ROSE, because it progresses the industry and supports people who are great at what they do."

Since obtaining its commercial license in 2021, ROSE has successfully launched seven cannabis brands, making it a significant player in the Québec market.

About ROSE LifeScience Inc.

ROSE LifeScience is committed to ensuring that consumers benefit from the responsible production, sale, and consumption of cannabis. From cannabis cultivation to marketing, commercialization, and logistics, the Huntingdon, QC company plays a key role in the Québec market. In addition to its own products and expertise, ROSE provides specialized industry services to selected producers to encourage a diversified offering in Québec and throughout Canada. For more information, visit roselifescience.ca.   

About Tam Tams

Inspired by the cultural, creative diversity in Montréal, Tam Tams by ROSE LifeScience Inc. is a Québec-based cannabis brand offering premium products. Nurtured and strain-selected by renowned growers, Tam Tams products are developed at a strictly regulated, 55,000 square-foot indoor cultivation centre with 22 climate-controlled, air-locked, strain-isolated growing rooms. For more information, visit tamtamscannabis.ca.

About Homage

The Homage Cannabis Collective by ROSE LifeScience Inc. is a brand initiative which unites craft producers from across Canada. Select products are curated and brought to consumers under the Homage moniker to support cannabis artisans with regulated market expertise, resources, and a shared commitment to the art of making quality craft cannabis. For more information, visit homagecannabis.ca.

SOURCE: Newswire.ca