• CannMart Inc., filiale de Lifeist, distribuera des produits de cannabis comestibles au Québec
  • CannMart Inc., filiale de Lifeist, distribuera des produits de cannabis comestibles au Québec

Lifeist Subsidiary CannMart Inc. to Distribute Edible Cannabis Products in QuebecProducts

Published 9 August 2022 by AQIC

PRESS RELEASE - Lifeist Wellness Inc. today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, CannMart Inc., has started an agreement with SQDC, the exclusive retail distributor in the province of Quebec. SQDC will offer six Cannabis edible products offered by CannMart and will be one of the principal distributors of edible cannabis products in the province of Quebec.

The purchase order from the SQDC is for six Rilaxe branded edibles products spanning full-spectrum CBD to 2:1 (CBD:THC) formulations including infused baked beets, dried cauliflower, and dried figs. All of the products are expected to be on the shelves and available for purchase at SQDC retail stores across the province over the coming weeks. These products are produced by CannMart according to an exclusive nationwide licensing agreement that was recently extended until September 2024.

“We’re honored that CannMart is one of the first companies to bring solid edibles to Quebec, and we do so with the highest sense of responsibility,” said Daniel Stern, CEO of CannMart. “In addition to having one of the first-mover advantages on edibles in Quebec, this order further demonstrates CannMart’s ability to act as a route for brands seeking to bring their cannabis SKUs into the province, something we are uniquely able to do as one of the country’s first sales only non-production licences that is focused on distribution.”

Added Meni Morim, Lifeist’s Chief Executive Officer, “CannMart continues to demonstrate that it is the pre-eminent, value-adding distribution platform in the Canadian cannabis market. We look forward to its continued contribution to Lifeist’s overall growth and profitability in 2022 and beyond.”

“CannMart played an important role in producing high-quality edibles that meet the rigorous standards of government regulators, enabling us to get our products to market quickly, reliably and at scale,” added Kim Waterhouse, Rilaxe’s Chief Executive Officer. “Partnering with CannMart provides us with advanced capabilities to accelerate production, getting our innovative edibles into the hands of consumers.”

About Lifeist Wellness Inc.

Sitting at the forefront of the post-pandemic wellness revolution, Lifeist leverages advancements in science and technology to build breakthrough companies that transform human wellness. Portfolio business units include: CannMart, which operates a B2B wholesale distribution business facilitating recreational cannabis sales to Canadian provincial government control boards; CannMart Labs, a BHO extraction facility for the production of high margin cannabis 2.0 products; the CannMart.com marketplace, which provides U.S. customers with access to hemp-derived CBD and smoking accessories; Australian Vapes, Australia’s largest online retailer of vaporizers and accessories; and Mikra, a biosciences and consumer wellness company seeking to develop innovative therapies for cellular health.

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