• Les produits de Cielo Verde sont maintenant disponibles à la SQDC
  • Les produits de Cielo Verde sont maintenant disponibles à la SQDC

Cielo Verde products are now available at the SQDCDaily news

Published 9 June 2022 by AQIC

POINTE-CLAIRE, QC, June 9, 2022 /CNW/ - Quebec company Cielo Verde Inc. is pleased to announce that three of its premium-quality cannabis products are now available at the SQDC. All three products, sold in dried flower form in 3.5 g size under the brand name Bud Lafleur TM/MC, are available online as of mid-May 2022, with one product also available in stores. Cielo Verde Québec Inc., an authorized medical and recreational cannabis producer, is delighted to add to the selection of quality products available.

Cielo Verde's two indoor production facilities, newly acquired from Aurora in June 2021, boast over 100,000 sq. ft. of combined cultivation space featuring the very latest technology. The acquisition positions Cielo Verde as one of Quebec's leading indoor producers of premium-quality cannabis.

"'Since its inception in 2021, Cielo Verde has worked with rigour and expertise to develop and market premium quality cannabis products," mentioned Barry Laxer, CEO and Fonder of Cielo Verde. "To do so, a partnership with SQDC was essential, and we're very happy to have gotten there. I see this as the first step in a series of great things to come."

Cultivating Excellence

The talents behind Cielo Verde have left nothing to chance. Agricultural and HVAC engineers, plant pathologists, horticulturists, legacy market cultivators—everyone works together to create new varieties and product lines. Drawing on the combined power of nature and science, Cielo Verdeachieves remarkable results allowing the company to offer a quality product.

A new producer in the highly competitive and tightly regulated cannabis market has to show up with full credentials. Cielo Verde has been fully licensed since August 2021, with all necessary licenses for processing, growing, medical sales, recreational sales, and Cannabis 2.0 sales—in short, everything it needs to create innovative, superior-quality products. Other products should be coming soon, as Cielo Verde prepares to expand its portfolio with a multitude of products.

About Cielo Verde

Founded in 2021, Cielo Verde Québec Inc. is a privately held genetics company and licensed producer of premium quality-grade medical and recreational adult-use cannabis with one of Quebec's most extensive growing facilities. With its two facilities, Pointe-Claire and Lachute, Cielo Verde has a yearly production capacity of approximately 10 tons spanning 100,000 square feet of indoor growing with another acre of outdoor cultivation capabilities. For more information, visit www.cieloverde.ca.

SOURCE: Newswire.ca