• Enquête sur la consommation au Canada
  • Enquête sur la consommation au Canada

Canadian Consumer SurveyCanada

Published 19 September 2023 by AQIC

The number of Canadians who reported ever smoking or vaping cannabis did not increase from 2021 to 2021, according to new figures from the federal government.

The figures are part of new survey results released by Health Canada’ Canadian Tobacco and Nicotine Survey (CTNS) 2022. The survey measures the prevalence of cigarette smoking, vaping, cannabis, and alcohol use among Canadians aged 15 years and older and is conducted by Statistics Canada on behalf of Health Canada. The data this year also includes figures on cannabis edibles. 

The results are based on responses to an electronic questionnaire or a telephone follow-up interview from 12,133 respondents across all 10 provinces, which represents a weighted total of 32 million Canadian residents aged 15 years and older.

While about 40 percent of Canadians aged 15 and older reported ever smoking cannabis in 2022, only around 10 percent reported doing so in the past 30 days. Just over 12 percent reported ever vaping cannabis, while those who reported vaping cannabis in the past 30 days was about five percent. All of these figures are similar to those reported in 2021.

About six percent of Canadians aged 15 and older reported consuming cannabis edibles in the past thirty days.

Just over three percent of Canadians aged 15 and up reported daily smoking of cannabis in 2022, down from four percent in 2021. One percent of Canadians over the age of 14 reported vaping cannabis on a daily basis, unchanged from the previous year. Fewer than 1 percent of this same group reported consuming cannabis edibles on a daily basis.