• Dépôt du budget fédéral 2024
  • Dépôt du budget fédéral 2024

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Published 17 April 2024 by AQIC

Unity in the cannabis and hemp industry: a necessity to move forward!

Following the near-absence of the word cannabis in Justin Trudeau's government budget, despite the report by Chrystia Freeland's officials on the state of the industry, as well as the tabling of the Expert Committee on the revision of the law, I must say I'm disappointed, but by no means surprised.

The cannabis and hemp industry is experiencing rapid and promising growth, but it also faces numerous regulatory and social challenges. To overcome these obstacles and prosper, it's crucial that industry players unite and speak with one voice!

1. Let's identify our common challenges: We need to identify the challenges we face, such as regulation, taxation, access to finance, scientific research, and social acceptance. By working together, we can better understand and prioritize these issues.

2. Defending shared interests: A united voice strengthens our position in discussions with government authorities. By presenting common, well-founded demands, we are more likely to achieve favorable results for the industry.

3 Education and awareness: It's crucial to make the public, political decision-makers and socio-economic circles aware of the benefits and opportunities that the cannabis industry can offer. A coherent discourse, aware of the realities of our communities, helps to change perceptions and reduce stigmas.

4. collaboration and networking: Working closely with stakeholders, including associations, regulators and researchers, will foster innovation and sustainable industry growth.

5. Promoting social responsibility: By promoting and communicating our responsible and ethical practices, we strengthen our reputation and help build a respected and legitimate industry.

Now, despite the disappointment, more than ever we must remember that there is strength in numbers.

Together, we can positively influence the future of the hemp and cannabis industry and ensure its sustainability. Let's work hand in hand to create a regulatory and social environment conducive to the development of our sector.