• Toronto start-up creates the
  • Toronto start-up creates the

Une start-up torontoise crée le « Keurig du cannabis »Produits

Publié le 13 juillet 2022 par AQIC

The Canadian start-up Djot has released a new dispenser that gives a cannabis spin to any drink.

On Tuesday, the Toronto-based startup, which is a division of Voyager Products Inc. announced the launch of its pocket-sized electronic dispenser for liquid concentrates which the company calls ” The Keurig of cannabis”.

The device offers personalized and precise cannabis dosing after pressing a button. Its “dPods” are  filled with cannabis oils and have no additives or sugars. The oil can then be dispensed into any beverage.

The company says it’s launching in the cannabis sector first with plans to expand into other areas such as health and wellness as well as pharmaceutical medicine.

“Our proprietary, portable product is simple to use and seamlessly adds the desired cannabis dose, in precise 1 mg intervals, to anything you’re drinking,” Djot co-founder Arjen Melis said.

“The accompanying dPods are formulated to cater to everyone’s unique needs throughout the day: a boost between meetings or a relaxing remedy that becomes an evening ritual.”

Djot was funded by tech venture capital firm Draper Cygnus, and founded in 2019 by Canadian entrepreneurs Elad Barak, Giovanni Gerbolini and Arjen Melis.

SOURCE: Mugglehead