• Cannabis contributes $60 million to Health Canada
  • Cannabis contributes $60 million to Health Canada

Le cannabis contribue 60 millions $ à Santé CanadaActualité du jour

Publié le 20 novembre 2023 par AQIC

Health Canada brought in more than $60 million in cannabis-related fees in the past year, which covered less than half of the department’s nearly $124 million operating costs, according to a new report.

These costs are related to several regulatory activities, including inspections, compliance and enforcement, program management and oversight.

The federal health agency, which oversees federal cannabis production licences, collects various application fees from cannabis producers. This includes an application fee of $1,765 for a micro or a nursery and $3,527 for a standard or medical-only licence, which brought in $410,180 in total. Rates are scheduled to increase beginning April 2024 to $1,969 for a micro or nursery and $3,933 for standard cultivation/processing or medical-only licences.